people constructionThe Registered Safety Professional (RSP) course is designed for candidates with the following credentials:

  • Registered Safety Manager certification or equivialant
  • Bachlor degree in any field or Associalte degree in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Experience of a minimum of 5 years, of which 60% of your job was devoted to safety

   You may register for this course only if you fulfill the above criteria.


The Registered Safety Professional (RSP) course teaches candidates how to provide recommendations and action plans for the prevention of accidents and/or incidents, which may cause injury or illness to people, damage to property, or destruction to a community (environmental). Candidates will learn to employ various analytical methods to identify physical and health hazards. Then they will learn how to recommend and/or implement appropriate control measures (engineering, administrative, work practice, and/or personal protective equipment) to eliminate or mitigate the hazard.

In addition to learning a working knowledge of the fundamentals and application of occupational health and safety, a Registered Safety Professional® must also be knowledgeable of science (physical, chemical, biological and behavioral), mathematics, business management, insurance, and performance of a specialty operation, such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

Upon successful completion of this course candidates will recieve…….


Price is $795.00